903 Inverted Magnetron Cold Cathode Vacuum Transducer
(3.0x10-10 to 5.0x10-3 Torr)
HPS® pressure vacuum gauge

photo - 903 Inverted Magnetron Cold Cathode Vacuum Transducer

Using the inverted magnetron design principle, the 903 Inverted Magnetron Cold Cathode Vacuum Transducer can operate at pressures much lower than a traditional cold cathode vacuum sensor. The 903 vacuum gauge has a second feedthrough for ion collection, ensuring accurate reading results. Its rugged design and ability to efficiently operate in harsh environments provide fast, dependable, and stable pressure vacuum measurement.

Features & Benefits:

  • Isolated ion collector increases resistance contamination
  • High voltage can be deactivated at higher pressures
  • With no filament, it is resistant to damage from vibration and sudden inrushes of air.
  • Sensor is interchangeable without calibration


The 903 vacuum gauge is suitable for industrial, process, and analytical applications such as high energy physics, laser production, ion implantation, mass spectrometry, or PVD.


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109030001903 Inverted Magnetron Transducer (standard)ISO-KF 40Quote Only
109030002903 Inverted Magnetron Transducer(standard)2 3/4" CFQuote Only
109030003903 Inverted Magnetron Transducer (standard)1" TubeQuote Only
109030004903 Inverted Magnetron Transducer (standard)ISO-KF 25Quote Only

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