901P Micro Pirani/Piezo Loadlock Vacuum Transducer
(1.0x10-5 to 1000 Torr) with Atmospheric Switching
Pressure/vacuum gauges with Piezo and MicroPirani vacuum sensors for load locks

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Designed specifically for load lock environments, the 901 Plus (901P) Loadlock Transducer (LLT) combines Piezo and Micro Pirani vacuum sensor technology. The combined output provides significantly higher accuracy, stability, repeatability and a faster response time than conventional thermal conductivity gauges.

Features & Benefits:

  • 3-sensor functionality in a single transducer for a wide measurement range
  • Ultra compact design saves space
  • Setup, diagnostic and operation software available
  • Optional analog output and electrical connectors match other vendors' gauges for easy upgrades
  • Three optional set points
  • Optional local display
  • Analog, RS232, RS485, & EtherCAT® versions


The 901P Micro Pirani/Piezo Loadlock Vacuum Transducer is specifically designed for vacuum and pressure measurement within a vacuum load lock.

VCR® compatible parts may be used.
VCR® is a registered trademark of Swagelok® Company.


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Part NumberFittingCommunicationSealDisplaySTEP filePriceQTY
901P-17020NW 16 KFEtherCATVitonnoneEtherCAT_901P-17020KF16.stpQuote Only
901P-27020NW 25 KFEtherCATVitonnoneEtherCAT_901P-27020KF25.STEPQuote Only
901P-470204 VCR-FEtherCATVitonnoneEtherCAT_901P-47020VCR4.STEPQuote Only
901P-87020Long NW 16 KFEtherCATVitonnoneEtherCAT_901P-87020KF16long.stpQuote Only
901P-11030NW 16 KFRS232Vitonnone901P-1xxxKF16.stpQuote Only
901P-11034NW 16 KFRS232VitonYes901P-1xxxKF16.stpQuote Only
901P-12030NW 16 KFRS485Vitonnone901P-1xxxKF16.stpQuote Only
901P-12034NW 16 KFRS485VitonYes901P-1xxxKF16.stpQuote Only
901P-21030NW 25 KFRS232Vitonnone901P-2xxxKF25.stpQuote Only
901P-21034NW 25 KFRS232VitonYes901P-2xxxKF25.stpQuote Only
901P-22030NW 25 KFRS485Vitonnone901P-2xxxKF25.stpQuote Only
901P-22034NW 25 KFRS485VitonYes901P-2xxxKF25.stpQuote Only
901P-410304 VCR-FRS232Vitonnone901P-4xxxVCR4.stpQuote Only
901P-410344 VCR-FRS232VitonYes901P-4xxxVCR4.stpQuote Only
901P-420304 VCR-FRS485Vitonnone901P-4xxxVCR4.stpQuote Only
901P-420344 VCR-FRS485VitonYes901P-4xxxVCR4.stpQuote Only
901P-510308 VCR-FRS232Vitonnone901P-5xxxVCR8.stpQuote Only
901P-510348 VCR-FRS232VitonYes901P-5xxxVCR8.stpQuote Only
901P-520308 VCR-FRS485Vitonnone901P-5xxxVCR8.stpQuote Only
901P-520348 VCR-FRS485VitonYes901P-5xxxVCR8.stpQuote Only
901P-81030Long NW 16 KFRS232Vitonnone901P-8xxxKF16long.stpQuote Only
901P-81034Long NW 16 KFRS232VitonYes901P-8xxxKF16long.stpQuote Only
901P-82030Long NW 16 KFRS485Vitonnone901P-8xxxKF16long.stpQuote Only
901P-82034Long NW 16 KFRS485VitonYes901P-8xxxKF16long.stpQuote Only

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