In Situ Diagnostic Access Valve

photo - MKS In Situ Diagnostic Access Valve (IDA)

MKS IDA (In-situ Diagnostics Access) Valves are a multi-purpose, multi-port, dual valve designed to replace the standard isolation valve used in capacitance manometer and other types of gauge isolation in the semiconductor industry.

The IDA Valve increases accuracy and reduces the time needed for gauge or capacitance manometer zeroing and calibration during preventative maintenance intervals. It also provides a safe, controlled, cost-effective process chamber access port for additional functions, such as system leak checks and diagnostics.

The IDA Valve joins a pneumatically actuated primary valve with a manually actuated secondary valve, both based on the MKS Cv Valve design. This configuration has two standard, mirror-image port orientations for your system: a left-oriented body and a right-oriented body.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cost-effective zeroing or calibration of your capacitance manometer or gauge in-situ
  • Dual-valve design provides safe and controlled reference port access, independent of gauge isolation valve
  • Manual actuator and safety detent pin for access port ensures no need to change existing system software


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