Compact Carbonated Ultrapure Water Delivery System

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The DI-SOLVER CO2 is used in single substrate cleaning tools for rinsing steps to prevent ESD effects and/or corrosion by creating UPW (ultrapure water) with precisely defined conductivity. It is a compact system for tool integration, providing conductive DI-CO2 water (carbonated ultra-pure water) with closed loop controlled conductivity. The conductivity is kept at a constant value under changing flow conditions by control of the CO2 concentration in the DI-CO2 water.

Features & Benefits:

  • Closed-loop conductivity control
  • Small, compact module for integration
  • Low cost of ownership, no CO2 and no UPW consumption at process pauses
  • Maximum conductivity at physical limits
  • Highest accuracy
  • Flow is allowed to change between 0.5 - 90 L/min to keep conductivity stable (up to ± 3%)
  • Maintenance-free contactor


Several process steps in the semiconductor industry require de-ionized (DI) water with precisely defined conductivity. The DI-SOLVER CO2 meets this demand.


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