Series 23 Buttweld Tubing

Lengths are cut to customer specifications. Add a $50.00 per cut charge to the price. 10 foot lengths are available with no cutting charge.


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Part NumberDescriptionOuter DimensionPriceQTY
100314300Tubing/per 10 foot length0.50 inchesQuote Only
100314301Tubing/per 10 foot length0.75 inchesQuote Only
100314303Tubing/per 10 foot length1.00 inchesQuote Only
100314305Tubing/per 10 foot length1.50 inchesQuote Only
100314306Tubing/per 10 foot length2.00 inchesQuote Only
100764506Tubing/per 10 foot length2.50 inchesQuote Only
100764508Tubing/per 10 foot length3.00 inchesQuote Only
100764510Tubing/per 10 foot length4.00 inchesQuote Only
100764511Tubing/per 10 foot length4.00 inchesQuote Only
100764516Tubing/per 10 foot length6.00 inchesQuote Only
100764520Tubing/per 10 foot length8.00 inchesQuote Only
100764525Tubing/per 10 foot length10.00 inchesQuote Only

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Series 23 ButtWeld Component catalog

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