Modular Dissolved Ozone Delivery System

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The LIQUOZON® HeliO3 is specially designed for solar applications such as cleaning, surface conditioning and oxide growth. The ozonated water delivery system is a powerful source for wet processing with ozone and/or chemical mixtures such as acids with ozone.

The system is comprised of at least two modules: a self-contained stand-alone Gas Module and a Wet Module that integrates in the customer's TOOL. Several combinations including closed loop control and special safety features are available.

The LIQUOZON® HeliO3 is designed to operate in either single pass or recirculation mode. Recirculation mode reduces chemical and water consumption saving on cost and water use. As a part of the production-proven family of LIQUOZON® systems, the LIQUOZON® HeliO3 series is based on the same highly reliable ozone generating and contacting technology. Ozone is an environmentally friendly alternative to many process chemicals in the solar industry. It has a high redox potential, can be generated at the point-of-use, and is easily converted back to oxygen. Cost of purchase, storage and disposal of many chemicals can thus be reduced considerably.


LIQUOZON® HeliO3 Setup Schematic
LIQUOZON® HeliO3 Single-Path Operation DI-Water
LIQUOZON® HeliO3 DIO3 Ozone Concentration
LIQUOZON® HeliO3 Pressure Drop of Wet Module
LIQUOZON® HeliO3 Ozone Production

Features & Benefits:

  • Ozonated water flow up to 60 lpm, higher flow rates possible in bypass mode
  • Closed loop controlled ozone concentration at the point-of-use
  • Typical ramp up of ozone to 25 ppm within 15 min for 220 L bath in recirculation mode
  • Small, compact Wet Module for an easy tool integration
  • Optimized foot print of Gas Module for positioning next to the tool
  • Simple operation either remotely or from the Gas Module, with all required controls are integrated into the system
  • Multiple bath capability with two Wet Modules in parallel
  • Reduced chemical consumption and disposal costs
  • Lower DIW consumption by recirculation mode
  • Low O2, CDA, cooling water consumption
  • MTBF > 20,000 hours


LIQUOZON® HeliO3 is especially designed for solar application such as cleaning, surface conditioning and oxide growth and is applicable for process chemistry such as HF and HCl with up to 10 wt%.


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