O3MEGA® AX8561
Rack Mounted Integrated Ozone Delivery Subsystem with Electronic Gas & Pressure Control

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The O3MEGA is a compact, integrated ozone solution that incorporates field-proven, high concentration, ultraclean ozone generation technology, an integrated ozone concentration monitor, flow control for both O2 and dopant gas species, as well as an electronic pressure controller. Designed for maximum flexibility, O3MEGA subsystems are the smallest, most complete ozone delivery system available.

Ozone Performance:

O3MEGA AX8561 Ozone Performance

Features & Benefits:

  • Requires 60% less space than other systems
  • Full ozone delivery subsystem in a generator-sized package
  • Patented ozone cells with advanced cooling
  • Complete electronic setup & control


Ozone is an environmentally friendly alternative to many chemical processes. It has a high redox potential and can be generated at the point-of-use and is easily converted back to oxygen. Typical applications in semiconductor processing include atomic layer deposition (ALD) TEOS/Ozone chemical vapor deposition (CVD), Ta2O5 CVD, photoresist strip, wafer cleaning, contaminant removal, surface conditioning, and oxide growth.


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