ASTRON®hf-s AX7645 Remote Plasma Source
(rated to 15.0 slm NF3 flow)

photo - ASTRONhf-s AX7645 Remote Plasma Source (rated to 15.0 slm NF3 flow)

The ASTRON®hf-s remote plasma source is designed for increased flexibility for process and cost optimization. Based on the patented Low-Field Toroidal plasma technology, the ASTRONhf-s source offers the broadest operating range with up to 15 slm of NF3 along with high flows of other gases. A separate, lid-mountable plasma section and rack-mountable power supply provide more options for installation. The compact plasma section allows closer coupling to the customer's chamber - this improves overall efficiency and costs.

The primary application of the ASTRONhf-s system is a remote source for reactive gas to clean undesired deposits from interior walls of process chambers where greater process flexibility is required. By generating atomic fluorine that reacts with waste deposits in the chamber, new gases are formed that are readily scrubbed to minimize the environmental impact. In addition, the remote source reduces wear and tear on the process chamber compared to in situ RF methods.