2MHz 5kW, 11kW & 13kW RF Plasma Generators

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The new KEINOS 2MHz plasma generator is the latest product from the industry leading MKS Power Solutions 2MHz product suite. Building on the solid, reliable attributes of the existing 2MHz design, KEINOS incorporates the latest technology from MKS to enable demanding applications of pulsing, fast impedance changes and shorter process steps. KEINOS can deliver up to 13kW of power, pulsing up to 50KHz, multiple set point pulsing, pulse shaping and MKS patented frequency tuning. KEINOS uses an integrated VI sensor for power accuracy and digital based control for fast response times.

Performance of the KEINOS plasma generator can be enhanced with the additional of the newly released and patented Dynamic Frequency Tuning option. DFT is a significant enhancement over traditional AFT which uses guided search algorithms. Conventional frequency tuning schemes require more than 500 µsec of course and fine steps to search for the minima in reflected power. With DFT, measurement of power distortion is used to quickly and accurately adjust frequency achieving minima in reflected power in less than 50usec. MKS RF generators with DFT reduce plasma stabilization time for 3D NAND etching of channel holes and significantly improve impedance matching for pressure, power and chemistry process changes during atomic layer etch and atomic layer deposition

Features & Benefits:

  • Dynamic frequency tuning reduces plasma stabilization time and maintains minimum reflected power.
  • On-off, level to level and pulse shaping for maximum process flexibility
  • Pulse energy control for process repeatability
  • Pulse synchronization for pulse control in multi-frequency applications
  • Up to 50KHz pulse frequency to meet the demands of advanced process requirements
  • Forward power accuracy of <±1.0% of set point
  • Pulse energy repeatability for process stability
  • Integrated VI Probe sensor for real time impedance measurements

Pulsing Performance:

  • On/Off Pulsing
    Sharp rectangular pulses with zero watts off state
    Used when fast rise times are needed
  • Multiple Level Pulsing
    Sharp rectangular pulses with non zero off state
    Used for minimizing plasma impedance shifts
  • Pulse Shaping
    Controlled ramping or controlled rise and fall time
    Used for reducing pulse overshoot and plasma instabillities

Internal Scope:

Screen Captures: Scope Setup - Output

  • High speed data collection with large memory buffer
  • Real time statistics for field diagnosis
  • Integrated high speed scope application to observe internal variables
  • Customized presets for rapid customer setups and consistent data mining
  • Control via Ethernet


KEINOS is the selection of choice by industry leaders for dielectric etch, conductor etch, CVD and sputtering applications.


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