MacroNode I/O Compact Networked I/O
(Analog, Digital, and Programmable Interlocks),
with cLogic Control Engine for DeviceNet and Industrial Ethernet Host Interfaces

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The MacroNode product line is a high density, compact and economical I/O solution for popular DeviceNet, Profibus® and Ethernet based fieldbus networks such as ModBus TCP and EtherCAT®. In addition, the Ethernet versions contain cLogic, an on-board C-compiler to handle the distribution of real-time logic tasks. MacroNode products reduce network and main controller bandwidth limits by offloading time-critical tasks.

Features & Benefits:

  • cLogic - a built in compiler - execute I/O sequences, I/O ramping, PID, PWM and limited signal processing on the unit distribute critical tasks closer to controlled devices.
  • Embedded web servers provide a graphical user interface for setup and diagnostics with a web browser.
  • Data can also be graphed in real time for complete diagnostics.
  • Modular design and variety of communication options available for easy migration pass from one fieldbus to another.
  • Power distribution provided by the unit in addition to I/O channels - simplifying integration.
  • User configurable I/O points for flexibility with future expansion without the need for additional channels.


Currently Supported Networks

  • Ethernet: Modbus/TCP
  • Ethernet/IP
  • DeviceNet

I/O Configurations

  • Up to 4 slots of I/O
  • Each I/O card is Digital, Analog or Combo (Digital & Analog)

Mounting & Connection

  • Snaps on to standard 35mm DIN rail
  • D-Sub 37 I/O connectors on the top and bottom for high density connectivity.
  • Front panel contains all configuration switches and setup LED's.
  • Each unit is 4 inches high, 4 inches deep, and 1.5 inches wide, plus 0.7inches per I/O slot.


MacroNode is designed to act as one of the building blocks in distributed control system with up to 96 I/O points per location , where modularity is a key requirement.

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Part NumberNetworkSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3Slot 4PriceQTY
AS00981-01DeviceNet™DIDODIDODIDODIDOQuote Only
AS00985-01DeviceNet™DIDODIDOAIAOAIAOQuote Only
AS00980-01DeviceNet™DIDODIDODIDOemptyQuote Only
AS00954-03Ethernet, RJ45 with Modbus/TCP™DIDOAIAOemptyemptyQuote Only
AS00960-02Ethernet, RJ45 with Modbus/TCP™DIDODIDOemptyemptyQuote Only
AS00967-01Ethernet, RJ45 with Modbus/TCP™DIDOComboComboAIAOQuote Only
AS00969-01Ethernet, RJ45 with Modbus/TCP™DIDOComboComboComboQuote Only
AS00977-01Ethernet, RJ45 with Modbus/TCP™DIDOAIAOAIAOemptyQuote Only
AS00978-01Ethernet, RJ45 with Modbus/TCP™DIDOAIAOAIAOAIAOQuote Only
AS00974-01Ethernet, RJ45 with Modbus/TCP™DIDODIDODIDODIDOQuote Only
AS00954-02Ethernet, RJ45 with Ethernet/IP™DIDOAIAOemptyemptyQuote Only
AS00955-01Ethernet, RJ45 with Ethernet/IP™DIDODIDODIDODIDOQuote Only
AS00959-01Ethernet, RJ45 with Ethernet/IP™ComboemptyemptyemptyQuote Only
AS00963-01Ethernet, RJ45 with Ethernet/IP™DIDOComboemptyemptyQuote Only
AS00969-02Ethernet, RJ45 with Ethernet/IP™DIDOComboComboComboQuote Only
AS00974-02Ethernet, RJ45 with Ethernet/IP™DIDODIDODIDOAIAOQuote Only

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