MultiGas 2030 1065-Ready LV
5 Hz Engine & Vehicle Emissions Measurement and Certification Analyzer with Low Volume Cell

photo - MultiGas 2030 1065-Ready LV FTIR Analyzer

The new MultiGas™ 2030 LV 1065-Ready FTIR Analyzer is designed for fast response time with low flow rate, while retaining very low detection limits and wide analytical ranges. It uses a very low volume gas cell and accommodates flow rates from 0.2 to 25 LPM. When combined with the MKS Engine and Vehicle Application Package, it is designed to meet Euro VI/Euro 6 and EPA 40 CFR part 1065/1066 requirements for exhaust emission compliance certification testing.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to meet the Euro VI/Euro 6 and EPA 40 CFR part 1065/1066 requirements
  • 5 Hz data acquisition and analysis provides fast transient monitoring
  • Low volume (70 mL), long path (5.11m) gas cell produces fast response time without compromising detection limits
  • Wide flow range - 0.2 LPM up to 25 LPM
  • High resolution (0.5 cm-1) FTIR reduces interferences due to water and CO2, providing unbiased, accurate readings
  • Stainless steel gas cell design with 3/8 inch welded inlet/outlet lines, corrosion resistant Dursan™ coating for lowest residence time for "sticky" gases and optimized high-temperature resistant insulation
  • Single analyzer measures over 30 component emissions spanning a large dynamic range – ready for future emissions components
  • Uses same Engine and Vehicle Application Package as MKS standard MultiGas 2030 analyzer with 200cc cell
  • Rugged analyzer ideal for use in engine or vehicle test labs
  • Connectivity through AK Protocol, OPC, Modbus, analog or digital I/Os, and HTML available


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