Powerful and Versatile Atmospheric Gas Analysis

Designed for researchers and engineers who require fast, sensitive, reliable monitoring of gases at atmospheric pressure, the Cirrus 3 system provides superior analytical results in a compact, powerful, versatile platform for the lab or production facility.

Building on proven Cirrus Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry technology, Cirrus 3 combines state-of-the-art performance in compact bench top and rack-mounted formats. With a heated capillary inlet and fast scan speed (250 points per second), gas compositions can be tracked over wide dynamic range (ppb to percentage levels), more reliably.

Enhancements in capillary and oven design ensure precise temperature control and stability, allowing you to obtain high quality data with greater confidence in the results. Combined with its versatile and automatable software control, the Cirrus 3 system can be optimized and customized for a variety of applications, from industrial processes to research applications.


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