Fully Integrated Modular Ozone Delivery System

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The SEMOZON® AX8580 Ozone Delivery System generates and delivers high flow, high concentration, ultra-clean ozone for advanced thin film applications. The SEMOZON AX8580 is specifically designed for use with an increasing number of semiconductor process applications such as ALD, CVD and TEOS/Ozone CVD. This standalone, fully integrated modular ozone system can be equipped with up to (4) AX8415 generators and configured as a multi-channel system to deliver ozone for up to 4 channels, supporting multiple chambers or multiple tools. Flow rates of up to 50 slm per channel and concentrations greater than 400 g/Nm3 are achievable at peak system configuration. Also offered is an optional in-rack chiller for ultra-high concentrations and extended generator lifetime.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully integrated, modular system equipped with up to (4) AX8415 generators for the highest concentration at the highest flow
  • Individually controlled generator outputs support up to (4) channels or combined into a single channel chamber process tool
  • Highest ozone concentrations >400g/Nm3 at the highest flow rates for improved thin film quality
  • Improved operating performance and extended lifetime due to cooling improvements and optional in-rack chiller
  • Compatible with or without nitrogen for ultra-clean ozone
  • Optional integrated ozone destruct for protection from unintended ozone exposure


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