300mm Resist-Torr® XD
High Sensitivity Photoresist Detection RGA

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The 300mm Resist-Torr® XD incorporates V-lens technology advancing the proven performance of the 300mm Resist-Torr® system to a new level of sensitivity, selectivity, and confidence in degas applications, compared with conventional quadrupole mass spectrometry-based residual gas analyzers.

The patented V-lens design provides significantly improved detection power for the most challenging wafer degas applications, where low ppb detection of contaminants and photoresist is required (<15ppb specified with Argon or Nitrogen). With V-lens technology, the 300mm Resist-Torr XD overcomes the issues presented by challenging gases such as Argon that the limited detection power of conventional systems cannot address. In combination with the unique PR Index from MKS, this uniquely powerful platform delivers a clear advantage for the monitoring and detection of trace gases. Process engineers are able to identify costly wafer contamination earlier and maximize process yield.

Features & Benefits:

  • V-lens technology, provides:
    Lower detection limits - up to 10 times improvement at lower masses (<15ppb)
    Higher data quality - more reliable distinction between gases and background
    Cleaner baseline - lower noise across the mass scale
    2x improvement in absolute sensitivity - from improved focusing
  • Fully automated process monitoring means no operator necessary
  • Detection of photoresist contamination during high pressure (~8 Torr) degas before wafers enter into 300mm PVD chambers
  • Calculation of the PR Index® - a measure of photoresist contamination level in the degas chamber
  • Variable alarm sensitivity to match the product conditions in your fab or process tool
  • Powerful optional data review feature to maximize ROI


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