Vision 2000-P XD
High Sensitivity Process Monitor for Select Pressure & PVD

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The Vision 2000-P XD incorporates V-lens technology, taking the proven performance of the Vision 2000-P system to a new level of sensitivity and reliability, previously unachievable with conventional quadrupole mass spectrometry systems.

The patented V-lens design enables significantly improved detection power for the most challenging thin film PVD processes where ppb detection of contaminants, gas leaks, or process gases is required. V-lens overcomes the issues faced with challenging gases (such as Argon) that limit the detection power of conventional systems, providing a clear advantage for monitoring and detection of trace gases. With V-lens technology, process engineers can identify and prevent issues faster and easier while maximizing yield. In combination with the "smart head" RGA technology of the Microvision 2, closed ion source and close-coupled inlet, this configuration enables sensitive, reproducible and seamless monitoring of the most challenging PVD applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • V-lens™ technology provides:
    Lower detection limits -- increased sensitivity up to 10 times improvement at lower masses (<15ppb)
    Higher data quality - more reliable distinction between gases and background
    Cleaner baseline - lower noise across the mass scale
  • Baseline monitoring of PVD chambers for air leaks and background contamination levels
  • Ability to track process gas mixture composition where two gases are utilized (i.e., Ar and N2 in TiN deposition)
  • Vacuum troubleshooting for fast PM recovery
  • Integration with a wide variety of PVD and other semiconductor tools
  • Remote Vacuum Controller (RVC) fail-safe vacuum operation
  • Pressure selection (up to 10 Torr) and response time optimized with inlet valve and orifice options
  • Process Eye Professional software for data acquisition, interpretation, recall, and intelligent alarming
  • TOOLweb® RGA software for automated control and monitoring of semiconductor tools


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