DA03A e-Baratron®
High-temperature, Digital EtherCAT® Capacitance Manometer

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The DA03A is a digital, high temperature Baratron® capacitance manometer. Operating at a high internal temperature, the DA03A minimizes the deposition of process byproducts within the sensor—nearly eliminating output drift caused by such contamination. The DA03A is available in operating temperatures of 150°C and 160°C, permitting use in the most demanding vacuum processes in semiconductor manufacturing such as metal etching and nitride fi lm chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

Features & Benefits:

  • Sensor operating temperature of 150°C & 160°C
  • All-Inconel capacitance sensor
  • High 45 psia overpressure rating for improved stability and repeatability
  • Compact design fits small spaces
  • Internally-mounted solid state process relays for external control
  • Long-term performance in nitride CVD & metal etch
  • Reduces installation space, and eliminates noise caused by interconnecting cables
  • Insensitive to gas composition
  • Performance is unaffected by occasional pressure bursts
  • Meets current EU requirements for RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  • EtherCAT interface


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