Paragon® AX7710MKS-01
Intelligent Remote Plasma Source
(8 slm, NF3 flow)

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Building on the production-proven attributes of the MKS low-field toroidal plasma source, the Paragon® remote plasma source offers improved data transfer and control to enable the next generation of nano process development and manufacturing.

For cleaning CVD and ALD/ALE process chambers, the Paragon remote plasma source is designed for high gas dissociation rates (>98%) of NF3 with gas flows up to 8 slm and pressures up to 10 Torr. This leading-edge performance translates into increased process throughput and repeatable process results. The Paragon® remote plasma source design incorporates a proprietary plasma block design with a Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation coating for low particle, long block life that delivers lower cost of ownership.

The Paragon® remote plasma source is available with both analog and EtherCAT® communication ports. EtherCAT can be used for direct control of the Paragon® remote plasma source, or in combination with the analog port, as a data monitoring port only. The Paragon® remote plasma source streams intelligent data sets to the tool or fab database to monitor or modify operating parameters to keep process tools running at peak efficiency and to support diagnostics (APC, FDC) applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 8 slm NF flow, in a compact size enables faster clean times
  • Best in Class dissociation (>98%) for efficient uniform cleaning results
  • EtherCAT intelligent data reporting for faster, tighter device operation to support OEM and fab diagnostics
  • Compatible with O2 and NF3 mixed gases
  • Proprietary PEO plasma block design offers greater process performance and extended time to maintenance


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