523 Granville-Phillips®
Wide Range Cold Cathode Transducer
(1.0x10-7 Torr to Atmosphere)

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The Series 523 is a revolutionary vacuum transducer using the combination of diverse materials and two different types of discharge. It provides a low-cost, wide-range cold cathode suitable for industrial coatings, analytical instruments, and general vacuum applications. The design of the Series 523 is the right fit for applications requiring limited accuracy. It covers a wide pressure range from Atmosphere to 10-7 Torr, without the use of a conventional heat loss (Pirani) sensor, for measurement from 10-2 Torr to Atmosphere.

Learn more about the revolutionary design of the Series 523 vacuum transducer. Watch the video.

Features & Benefits:

  • Single transducer provides a wide measurement range of 10-7 Torr to Atmosphere, eliminating the need for multiple gauges
  • Unique high pressure discharge cell, replaces the need for a second technology vacuum sensor
  • Mountable in any orientation for ease of use and flexibility of design
  • Simple analog output
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Low cost replacement gauge assembly, for low cost of repair


The 523 Pressure Transducer is a compact, low-cost measurement solution for vacuum users operating within the pressure range of Atmosphere to 10-7 Torr. With limited accuracy, the 523 is designed for applications requiring simple, repeatable pressure measurement and performance.

Applications include:

  • Analytical equipment (mass spectrometer control)
  • Scanning electron microscopes
  • Industrial coating systems
  • General vacuum base pressure measurement


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