Ultra Clean, High Concentration, High Flow Ozone Generator

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The SEMOZON® AX8415 is the most innovative and versatile ozone generator developed by MKS. Ultra clean, high concentration, high flow ozone is produced by this generator's novel architecture and patented cell design, converting oxygen to >400 g/Nm3 of high concentration ozone for leading-edge applications in the semiconductor, flat panel display and photovoltaic industries.

The technology designed into the SEMOZON AX8415 is the basis of this generator's versatility. AX8415 has the capability to support all these applications by producing the highest concentrations of ultra clean ozone with or without the addition of nitrogen as a dopant gas. Removing the minute amount of nitrogen used in the formation of ozone eliminates the formation of NOx compounds, if required for a given application.

The unique features and benefits of the SEMOZON AX8415 position it as a direct replacement for the industry leading SEMOZON AX8407 ozone generator, (the forerunner to the AX8415). The form factor and connections required to produce and control ozone generation on the AX8415 are exactly the same as the AX8407. The superior performance of AX8415 is immediately available for all applications qualified with the AX8407 ozone generator.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ozone concentration up to 425 g/Nm3 or 27.1 wt% at 5°C @ 2.5 slm
  • O2 flow rate from 2.5 slm to 50 slm enables process flexibility
  • Patented cell design enables production of high concentration ozone
  • Operational with or without the addition of nitrogen
  • Closed-loop operation for tighter process control
  • Direct replacement for MKS SEMOZON AX8407 ozone generator
  • 50% fewer components than SEMOZON AX8407
  • Reliability tested to >100,000 hours


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