430E Baratron® Absolute Pressure/Vacuum Transmitter
(1-25,000 Torr), with 4-20 mA Output, NEMA4 Housing
Direct, Absolute, Analog Pressure/Vacuum Measurement

photo - 430E Baratron Absolute Pressure/Vacuum Transmitter (1-25,000 Torr), with 4-20 mA Output, NEMA4 Housing

The 430E uses a dual-electrode sensor that offers significant improvements in temperature compensation and operation at higher temperatures. It includes a NEMA4-approved package and flame snubber for use in applications requiring an explosion-proof or weather-proof transmitter.

Features & Benefits:

  • Approved for Class I, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups C and D explosion-proof applications
  • Dual electrode design improves stability
  • Measures total pressure directly, independent of gas composition
  • Percent of reading accuracy gives a broad dynamic range and up to 15x improvement in uncertainty band compared with percent of full scale
  • All-Inconel® corrosion-resistant sensor construction


The 430E Baratron® absolute pressure transmitter is designed for use in industrial pressure and vacuum measurement applications where explosion-proof or weather-proof ratings are required for safe operation.

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Part NumberPressure Range full scaleAccuracyPriceQTY
430EA-0001010 mmHg (Torr)±0.5% of ReadingQuote Only
430EA-00100100 mmHg (Torr)±0.5% of ReadingQuote Only
430EA-010001,000 mmHg (Torr)±0.5% of ReadingQuote Only

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