221B Baratron® Differential Capacitance Manometer
(10-25,000 Torr) Remote Electronics, Bakeable to 150°C

photo - 221B Baratron Differential Capacitance Manometer (10-25,000 Torr) Remote Electronics, Bakeable to 150 degrees C

The 221 Baratron® is a differential capacitance manometer with remote electronics which allows the sensor head to be baked up to 150°C. The Type 221's electronics are housed remotely from the sensor, allowing it to be baked at 200°C (with interconnecting cable removed). Input power is ±15 VDC and output is 0 to +10 VDC. The 221 provides ±0.5% of Reading accuracy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Useable resolution of 1 part in 10,000 minimizes the number of transducers needed to cover a wide range of pressure
  • Remote electronics allow sensor to operate at temperatures up to 150°C (bakeable to 200°C with cable removed)
  • Sensor is capable of handling any corrosive gases compatible with Inconel® on high pressure side and Inconel®, Ceramic, Palladium, Glass and Stainless Steel on reference side


Measurement of differential pressures where sensor needs to be baked to high temperatures.

Incoloy® and Iconel® are registered trademarks of Inco Alloys International.
VCR® is a registered trademark of Swagelok® Company.

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Part NumberPressure Range full scaleFittingPriceQTY
221BD-00010A10 mmHg (Torr)1/2" diameter tubulationQuote Only
221BD-00010B10 mmHg (Torr)Swagelok® 8 VCR® femaleQuote Only
221BD-00010D10 mmHg (Torr)NW 16 KFQuote Only
221BD-00100A100 mmHg (Torr)1/2" diameter tubulationQuote Only
221BD-00100B100 mmHg (Torr)Swagelok® 8 VCR® femaleQuote Only
221BD-00100D100 mmHg (Torr)NW 16 KFQuote Only
221BD-01000A1,000 mmHg (Torr)1/2" diameter tubulationQuote Only
221BD-01000B1,000 mmHg (Torr)Swagelok® 8 VCR® femaleQuote Only
221BD-01000D1,000 mmHg (Torr)NW 16 KFQuote Only

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