240VAC Series 49P Polyimide Heaters for 1.5 inch Diameter Straight Sections

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Part NumberDescriptionPriceQTY
492015-20031.5 inch Diameter, 3.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.15 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20041.5 inch Diameter, 4.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.19 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20051.5 inch Diameter, 5.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.22 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20061.5 inch Diameter, 6.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.24 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20071.5 inch Diameter, 7.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.28 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20081.5 inch Diameter, 8.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.32 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20091.5 inch Diameter, 9.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.36 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20101.5 inch Diameter, 10.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.4 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20111.5 inch Diameter, 11.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.44 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20121.5 inch Diameter, 12.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.48 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20131.5 inch Diameter, 13.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.52 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20141.5 inch Diameter, 14.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.56 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20151.5 inch Diameter, 15.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.6 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20161.5 inch Diameter, 16.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.64 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20171.5 inch Diameter, 17.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.68 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20181.5 inch Diameter, 18.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.72 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20191.5 inch Diameter, 19.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.77 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20201.5 inch Diameter, 20.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.8 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20211.5 inch Diameter, 21.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.84 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20221.5 inch Diameter, 22.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.88 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20231.5 inch Diameter, 23.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.92 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20241.5 inch Diameter, 24.0 inches Long, 240VAC/0.96 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20251.5 inch Diameter, 25.0 inches Long, 240VAC/1 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20261.5 inch Diameter, 26.0 inches Long, 240VAC/1.04 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20271.5 inch Diameter, 27.0 inches Long, 240VAC/1.08 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20281.5 inch Diameter, 28.0 inches Long, 240VAC/1.12 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20291.5 inch Diameter, 29.0 inches Long, 240VAC/1.16 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20301.5 inch Diameter, 30.0 inches Long, 240VAC/1.2 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20311.5 inch Diameter, 31.0 inches Long, 240VAC/1.24 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20321.5 inch Diameter, 32.0 inches Long, 240VAC/1.28 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20331.5 inch Diameter, 33.0 inches Long, 240VAC/1.32 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20341.5 inch Diameter, 34.0 inches Long, 240VAC/1.36 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20351.5 inch Diameter, 35.0 inches Long, 240VAC/1.4 AmpsQuote Only
492015-20361.5 inch Diameter, 36.0 inches Long, 240VAC/1.45 AmpsQuote Only

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