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MKS Instruments has introduced the Heated Trap which prevents coating and eventual clogging of chamber exhaust lines. When the precursors leave the chamber during Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) they can condense and clog exhaust lines. The heated trap is designed to reduce organometallic precursors to the metal and an organic gas which passes easily through the exhaust system. Another issue with ALD precursors is they can condense on the exhaust line and when the reactive precursor is present the same reaction that occurs on the substrate surface occurs on the exhaust lines. In the case of the metal-organic precursors the nitride or oxide films can be quite hard to remove.

Atomic layer deposition is being used more because of the increasing demands of thin film and device engineering, structures and sizes. The precursors used in ALD are not transformed in the deposition process as they would in a plasma or thermal deposition process. In addition with the Heated Trap other process gases can be dissociated like trimethylaluminum (TMA) used for CVD deposition. The Heated Trap provides significant advantages in cost and yield for the chamber exhaust process.

Features and Benefits:

  • Increases throughput time
  • Decreases maintenance frequency and maintenance time
  • Protects downstream components
  • Gas flow path and insulation keep outer surface cool
  • Dissociates organometallic compounds used in ALD applications
  • Temperatures up to 450°C
  • Controller option available
  • Available in standard sizes but can be tailored to coincide with other tool maintenance schedules

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Heater Trap Recommended Installation

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