Corrosion & Ozone Resistant Bellows-sealed Isolation Valve

photo - MKS CRV Corrosion & Ozone Resistant Bellows-sealed Isolation Valve

Corrosion Resistant Valves (CRV) are designed for use in harsh vacuum environments. The Corrosion Resistant Valve employs a patented technology that isolates the valve bellows while in the open position. Bellows protection is accomplished with an Aluminum or Stainless Steel shield on the exterior of the formed bellows. In the open position the shield is sealed internally with an O-ring to prevent chemicals from attacking the bellows. An umbrella valve (vent valve) is optional and can be used to exhaust trapped gases in the volume between the shield and the bellows. The Corrosion Resistant Valve is designed to be heated which further reduces particle buildup internal to the valve.

Features & Benefits:

  • Prevents reactive and corrosive gases from contacting the bellows surface when the valve is open
  • Heatable design
  • Passive shield design and can be used with same control sequencing as standard isolation valves
  • NW40 and NW50 sizes


Corrosion Resistant Valves provide long life in extremely harsh semiconductor and solar processes by limiting bellows exposure to corrosive or reactive gases. For additional size capabilities please contact an MKS Applications Engineer.


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