Compact Bellows-sealed Isolation Valves

photo - MKS Cv Valve

MKS Cv Valves are compact in size and are suited for use in gauge isolation, roughing, bypass, or venting lines. The formed bellows design is reliable and achieves high conductance for its compact size. Multiple configurations are available including manual or pneumatic controlled with interface ports ranging from KF and CF to VCR and weld fittings. Manual valves are available with a conductance limiting needle design for adjustable flows. For electromagnetic operations refer to the MKS Electromagnetic ECv series.

Features & Benefits:

  • High conductance improves gauge response
  • Compact design for space constrained systems
  • Wide range of actuation methods and flange interface options
  • 1,000,000 cycles MTBF (clean conditions)


MKS Cv Valves are suited for semiconductor and university systems or research environments. Primarily uses are gauge or system isolation. It is also recommended as a venting, bypass, or roughing valve.


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