Paragon® H* AX7780/AX7785
Remote Plasma Gas Generators for Hydrogen-based Processes

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Building on production proven attributes of Paragon® reactive gas generators, Paragon® H* is designed with new features and enhancements to enable CVD, PVD, and ALD applications in Hydrogen based processes.

The Paragon H* reactive gas generator is designed for Hydrogen flows up to 5 slm and pressures up to 3 Torr enabling process flexibility, decreased processing times and increased throughput. Based on the MKS patented Low-Field-Toroidal plasma technology, Paragon H* incorporates an enhanced plasma block for improved Hydrogen radical output.

Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 5 slm H2 for hydrogen radicalapplications
  • Enhanced ignition electronics and operating space greatly improves process flexibility
  • Optimized EtherCAT communication port for faster, streamlined device operation (optional)
  • Superior input gas distribution and optimized H2 plasma block coating for enhanced H* production


In typical applications, the Paragon H* generates atomic Hydrogen radicals that can be used during deposition or etch processes. Using a remote plasma source as opposed to in-situ plasma generation also eliminates direct exposure to energetic ions for on-wafer applications, and limits wear and tear on process chamber components.


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