High Sensitivity Atmospheric Systems with V-lens Technology

The Ultimate Performance for Atmospheric Pressure Gas Monitoring

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Cirrus3-XD Compact Benchtop and Rack-mounted Atmospheric Systems with V-lens Technology are designed for researchers and engineers who need to work beyond the limits of conventional quadrupole MS gas analysis - to more easily detect and monitor trace gases - the Cirrus 3-XD Single-quadrupole MS Gas Analyzer delivers a unique analytical advantage for "eXtreme Detection" capability.

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The proven Cirrus Quadrupole MS platform now utilises patented, V-lens ion optics with a double-focussing and deflection capability - to produce a consistently low baseline for any gas species - enabling trace level detection with greater clarity and confidence than ever before.

With its versatile, compact design and powerful, automatable software control, the Cirrus 3-XD system provides a new level in performance, robustness and ease-of-use for the most challenging trace gas analyses.

Cirrus 3-XD builds on the inherently powerful characteristics of quadrupole mass spectrometry and Cirrus gas analysis technology, to provide advances in:

  • Consistent, robust low ppb detection in challenging gases - V-lens technology
  • Speed and stability of response - unique capillary and oven designs
  • Quantitation of trace or bulk gases - Process Eye workflow recipes
  • Ergonomic integration - compact benchtop and rack-mount configurations

Cirrus gas analysis systems are ideal for on-line monitoring and analysis of gases and gas mixtures including trace contaminants in process gases; solvent vapors; hydrocarbons; atmospheric and inorganic gas species (including corrosives); freons and noble gases.

Cirrus Single-quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyzer systems are easy to install and operate, featuring automatic start-up and shut-down routines as well as built-in vacuum and heater interlocking for system protection. Cirrus 3-XD systems are manufactured from quality field proven materials which maximize reliability and uptime. Particular consideration has been paid to ease of service and maintenance.


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