Alter® SM 445
Air-cooled Switch Mode Microwave Power Supply for 1.25 kW, 2.45 GHz Magnetrons with PC Connectivity

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The Alter® SM 445 is an air-cooled power supply for a 1.25 kW magnetron. The SM 445 is able to power and control most types of magnetrons available on the market with nominal power of 1.25 kW @ 2.45 GHz.

Depending on the model, the output power can be adjusted continuously, from 10% to 100%, using an external analog signal from 1-10VDC, with a PC via USB port, or by front panel commands.

The SM 445 microwave power supply is a resonant switch-mode power supply and includes a power factor correction stage (PFC) that improves the efficiency of the entire system. It accepts input line voltage ranging from 180 to 250 VAC. The SM 445 is designed to be used with Alter TMx12 or TI012 microwave heads. It can also power microwave heads from other manufacturers, if electrically compatible.

The SM 445 autonomously manages the working status of the magnetron, driving the correct preheating of the filament, adjusting filament voltage according to the specific back down curve, and shutting off the output in any alarm event condition, such as over-current or over-voltage of the magnetron.

The electrical wiring utilizes industrial connectors, including the high voltage output, carrying the anodic current, that has a specific connector. Any electrical function has a separate connector for easy set up.

The SM 445 has a front panel 19 inches wide and 2U high, is built with a rugged steel base and an easily removable aluminum cover. The air cooling flow enters from the sides and exits from the rear.

Features & Benefits:

  • Proven, state-of-the-art design with resonant topology that improves efficiency
  • Single phase input requirement, at nominal 230 VAC, includes Power Factor Correction (PFC) stage widens the input voltage range and allows the unit to power in most countries
  • Low output ripple, suitable for most applications, and stable filament control result in long magnetron life
  • Very low harmonics and inrush current from efficient power stage design
  • "Plug & Play" - when installed with Alter® cable set the user supplies only 2 signals
  • 2 versions available for many applications


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