Smartmatch® Series
Intelligent Microwave Matching Unit/Autotuner for 3 & 6kW Systems

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SmartMatch® module is an advanced microwave matching unit which utilizes phase-magnitude detection hardware and an advanced predictive tuning algorithm to provide fast, reliable and repeatable matching. Available for power levels up to 6kW, with user selectable operating modes and reflected power threshold, the SmartMatch® module has been qualified to provide fast, reliable tuning with multiple plasma loads including O2, N2, CF4, NF3, H2O, NH3, N2H2 (and many others). Typical matching speed is below 1 second.

The SmartMatch® module is compact and self-contained, with the micro-controller located in the tuning head. This eliminates the need for a separate CPU and allows for completely automatic, hands-off operation - ideal for multi-step processes while greatly reducing development time.

The SmartMatch® matching unit is available in standard or custom waveguide configurations to best meet the specific size requirements. For flexibility, and upon customer request, a separate local interface module may be used for program presets and manual tuning operation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast, reliable matching, even for difficult plasma loads
  • Hands-off operation with no separate controller needed for increased accuracy and lower CoO
  • Advanced predictive algorithm complete with powerful micro-controller and fast stub moving mechanism ensures immediate plasma ignition, rapid matching and higher throughput


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