Alter® AL20000 Series 2450 MHz Industrial Microwave Generators

photo - AL20000 components

Alter® AL 20000 Series Microwave Generators are built on MKS Alter® Product experience and designed with rugged and reliable switch mode power supplies for demanding industrial applications. The AL20000 Series offers compact generators up to 3kW in a 19 inch standard rack with a remote head and integrated isolator. For 6 and 10 kW microwave generators an isolator is included. All Alter® microwave generators are equipped with reflected power detection.

Features & Benefits:

  • Proven switch mode technology
  • Reliable & cost-effective
  • Extremely compact and light weight
MW Power Power Supply Isolauncher Mag Head Isolator Waveguide
AL 20020 2 kW SM 845 TI020 - integrated WR340
AL 20030 3 kW SM 1250 TI030 - integrated WR340
AL 20060 6 kW SM 1280 - TM060 external WR340
AL 20100 10 kW SM 1690 - TM100 external WR340
AL 20150 15 kW MPS24 - TM150 optional WR430