Stand-alone Ozone Delivery System with the AX8410 PRIME Ozone Generator for Advanced Processes

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SEMOZON® AX8585 stand-alone ozone gas delivery system is designed around the AX8410 PRIME ozone generator to provide high flow, high concentration, ultra clean ozone generation and delivery. This fully configurable product line is designed to meet the ever changing needs of the semiconductor industry. Each SEMOZON AX8585 is a fully integrated, high output ozone gas delivery system intended for use in an increasing number of semiconductor process applications such as ALD, CVD, TEOS/Ozone CVD, photoresist strip, wafer cleaning, contaminant removal, and oxide growth. The system can be configured as a multi-channel system delivering ozone for up to 4 channels supporting multiple chambers or multiple tools. Flow rates of up to 200 slm and concentrations up to 375 g/Nm3 can be achieved depending on the configuration of the system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully integrated Delivery system allows for fast, easy installation and quick start up with minimum connections required
  • Supports single or multiple process tools for maximum efficiency and lower cost of operation
  • Modular design allows each channel to be process matched for maximum flexibility
  • Closed-loop concentration control provides tighter process control for higher yields
  • User friendly controller with touch screen provides easy, central controls for interfacing with the tool, setting ozone concentration and flow rate, and safety monitoring


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