275 Convectron® Pirani Vacuum Gauge
(10-4 Torr to Atmosphere)
Convection-enhanced Pirani pressure/vacuum gauges

photo - MKS, Granville-Phillips 275 Convectron Pirani Vacuum Gauge

The MKS, Granville-Phillips® 275 Convectron® Pirani Vacuum Gauge, provides exceptionally reliable performance for low vacuum measurement.

The 275 Convectron® Pirani Vacuum Gauge provides reliable measurement from 10-4 Torr (10-2 Pascal) to Atmosphere. Its high accuracy and repeatability help to ensure that processes start at the desired pressure - time after time.

The 275 Convectron® Pirani Vacuum Gauge delivers fast response time - in milliseconds - compared to thermocouple-type gauges that respond in seconds.

Common configurations are listed on the "Configurations" tab below. Contact Customer Service for additional configurations.


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Part NumberFittingSensorPriceQTY
2750711/8 NPTGold Plated TungstenQuote Only
2751851/4 inch VCR femaleGold Plated TungstenQuote Only
2752821/2 inch VCR femaleGold Plated TungstenQuote Only
2752333/8 inch VCO maleGold Plated TungstenQuote Only
2752561.33 inch ConFlatGold Plated TungstenQuote Only
2752382.75 Inch ConFlatGold Plated TungstenQuote Only
275203NW16KFGold Plated TungstenQuote Only
275196NW25KFGold Plated TungstenQuote Only
275316NW40KFGold Plated TungstenQuote Only

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