475 Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Controller

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The MKS, Granville-Phillips® 475 Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Controller combines with the industry-standard Series 275 Convectron® gauge to provide high performance vacuum pressure measurement using a unique variation of thermal conductivity. The Convectron® gauge is a convection-enhanced Pirani design vacuum gauge that features individually calibrated gauges, temperature compensation and convection technology for increased accuracy and repeatable vacuum measurements over seven decades from 1x10-4 Torr (1x10-4 mbar; 1 x10-2 Pa) to Atmosphere.

The 475 Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Controller is a third-generation Convectron® gauge controller that combines rugged reliability with key features for ease of use and system integration. It includes several features such as self-diagnostics, integrated Convectron® gauge simulation, and built-in gas curves to adjust for various vacuum environments. The 475 Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Controller is easy to use with a highly visible Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD) and intuitive front panel controls that allow gauge calibration and adjustment of vacuum measurement parameters without the need for special tools. The 475 Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Controller can be used as a simple readout device for basic vacuum system control or integrated into a more sophisticated control system. The 475 Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Controller provides a range of control I/O options including an analog output, set point relays and a serial communication interface. The compact packaging and innovative electronics make the 475 Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Controller and MKS, Granville-Phillips Division Convectron® technology the ideal solution for today's vacuum measurement systems.

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitability for bench top and panel mount applications
  • Wide range vacuum pressure measurement from 1x10-4 Torr (1x10-4 mbar, 1x10-2 Pa) to Atmosphere
  • Highly configurable I/O options including analog outputs, set point relays, and a serial communication interface
  • Pre-programmed gas curves for N2, Ar, He, CO2 and O2
  • Intuitive menu control for simplified configuration and parameter setup
  • Self diagnostics


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Part NumberDescriptionInterfaceRelaysUnitsPriceQTY
475001-00-TConvectron ControllerNone0TorrQuote Only
475001-00-MConvectron ControllerNone0mBarQuote Only
475001-00-PConvectron ControllerNone0PascalQuote Only
475001-02-TConvectron ControllerNone2TorrQuote Only
475001-02-MConvectron ControllerNone2mBarQuote Only
475001-02-PConvectron ControllerNone2PascalQuote Only
475001-A0-TConvectron ControllerRS-2320TorrQuote Only
475001-A0-MConvectron ControllerRS-2320mBarQuote Only
475001-A0-PConvectron ControllerRS-2320PascalQuote Only
475001-A2-TConvectron ControllerRS-2322TorrQuote Only
475001-A2-MConvectron ControllerRS-2322mBarQuote Only
475001-A2-PConvectron ControllerRS-2322PascalQuote Only
475001-B0-TConvectron ControllerRS-4850TorrQuote Only
475001-B0-MConvectron ControllerRS-4850mBarQuote Only
475001-B0-PConvectron ControllerRS-4850PascalQuote Only
475001-B2-TConvectron ControllerRS-4852TorrQuote Only
475001-B2-MConvectron ControllerRS-4852mBarQuote Only
475001-B2-PConvectron ControllerRS-4852PascalQuote Only
475008-1Power Supply 90-250V, NA 120V PlugQuote Only
475008-2Power Supply 90-250V, NA 240V PlugQuote Only
475008-3Power Supply 90-250V, Europe 220V PlugQuote Only
475008-4Power Supply 90-250V, UK 240V PlugQuote Only

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