370 Stabil-Ion® Vacuum Gauge Controller

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The MKS, Granville-Phillips® 370 Stabil-Ion® Vacuum Gauge Controller is a rack-mounted controller providing unmatched ionization gauge performance for the all-metal 370 Stabil-Ion® Gauge, delivering the long-term performance of a spinning rotor gauge at a fraction of the cost using calibration on a chip.

Features & Benefits:

  • UHV gauge that measures pressures down to the lower 10-11 Torr range
  • Certified NIST traceable calibration
  • Robust sensors that reduce the risk of damage during mounting and eliminate glass breakage


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Part NumberMountingInterfaceGauge OptionsRelaysUnitsPower CordPriceQTY
370501-000-M1Side by SideNoneNone0mBarNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
370501-000-M2Side by SideNoneNone0mBarNorth America 240VQuote Only
370501-000-M3Side by SideNoneNone0mBarEurope 220VQuote Only
370501-000-M4Side by SideNoneNone0mBarUK 240VQuote Only
370501-A00-T1Side by SideRS-232None0TorrNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
370501-B00-T1Side by SideRS-485None0TorrNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
370501-C00-T1Side by SideIEEE 488None0TorrNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
370501-010-T1Side by SideNoneDual Convectron0TorrNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
370501-020-T1Side by SideNoneConvectron & Capacitance Manometer0TorrNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
370501-B1A-T1Side by SideRS-485Dual Convectron2TorrNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
370501-B1B-T1Side by SideRS-485Dual Convectron6TorrNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
370501-A10-P1Side by SideRS-232Dual Convectron0PascalNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
370502-000-P3Remote Power SupplyNoneNone0PascalEurope 220VQuote Only
370502-B1B-P1Remote Power SupplyRS-485Dual Convectron6PascalNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
370502-A1B-M3Remote Power SupplyRS-232Dual Convectron6mBarEurope 220VQuote Only

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