358 Micro-Ion® Vacuum Gauge Controller

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The MKS, Granville-Phillips® 358 Micro-Ion® Vacuum Gauge Controller is designed to obtain the highest performance from Granville-Phillips® Micro-Ion® Gauges. It is capable of measuring from a lower limit in the 10-10 Torr range (10-10 mbar, 10-8 Pa) to 5x10-2 Torr (7x10-2 mbar, 7 Pa). Pressure measurements can be extended to Atmosphere with the Dual Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Option.

This reliable vacuum gauge controller is compact and easy to use. The extruded aluminum, half-rack design fits easily into your control rack. Infrequently used controls are located behind the front panel door to provide an uncluttered appearance. Large, bright green, flicker-free LED digital displays make measurements easy to read - even from a distance.

The 358 Micro-Ion® Vacuum Gauge Controller can be configured to meet your specific system requirements. Up to 6 setpoint relays can be used to control a variety of system functions such as switching valves, setting interlocks, and setting alarms. Integration into computer-controlled systems is also possible through the use of RS-232 or RS-485/422 interface options.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compact, economical half-rack design
  • Pressure measurement from 3x10-10 Torr (4x10-8 Pascal) to 5x10-2 Torr (7 Pascal)
  • Dual Convectron® Gauge option extends the measurement range to Atmosphere and allows the ion gauge to be turned on and off automatically
  • RS-232 or RS-485/422 computer interface options
  • Process control options with up to six setpoint relays and manual override


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Part NumberMountingInterfaceGauge OptionsRelaysUnitsPower CordPriceQTY
358501-010-T1Half RackNoneDual Convectron0TorrNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
358501-010-T2Half RackNoneDual Convectron0TorrNorth America 240VQuote Only
358501-010-T3Half RackNoneDual Convectron0TorrEurope 220VQuote Only
358501-010-T4Half RackNoneDual Convectron0TorrUK 240VQuote Only
358501-A00-T1Half RackRS-232None0TorrNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
358501-B00-T1Half RackRS-485None0TorrNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
358501-010-M1Half RackNoneDual Convectron0mBarNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
358501-020-T1Half RackNoneCapacitance Manometer & Convectron0TorrNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
358501-B1A-M1Half RackRS-485Dual Convectron2mBarNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
358501-B1B-T1Half RackRS-485Dual Convectron6TorrNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
358501-A10-P1Half RackRS-232Dual Convectron0PascalNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
358502-000-P3Left mount for 19" RackNoneNone0PascalEurope 220VQuote Only
358503-000-T1Center mount for 19" RackNoneNone0TorrNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
358502-B1B-T1Left mount for 19" RackRS-485Dual Convectron6TorrNorth America 120V & JapanQuote Only
358503-A1B-T3Center mount for 19" RackRS-232Dual Convectron6TorrEurope 220VQuote Only

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