500 Cold Cathode Gauge Module
(1x10-10 to 1x10-2 Torr) Cold Cathode Ionization Vacuum Gauges

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MKS, Granville-Phillips® Series 500 Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauges (CCG) provide highly reliable and long-life vacuum measurement across a wide pressure range. The module includes sensor and electronics which offers small size and dramatically reduces installation costs.

Series 500 Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauges (CCG) cold cathode technology traditionally provides longer lifetime than hot cathode because there is no filament to burn out, but the tradeoff was reduced accuracy. Series 500 Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauges define a new accuracy standard based on innovative technology and time-tested calibration techniques. In addition, there has never been a good way to determine when a cold cathode gauge is worn to the point that its accuracy has significantly degraded. With the Series 500 Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauges' new patent-pending method of determining the pressure dosage over time and combining that with a user-selected environmental factor, the CCG Series 500 provides an indication of when the gauge needs to be serviced or replaced.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wide pressure measurement range from 10-10 to 10-2 Torr
  • Optional calibration for 10% accuracy
  • Lifetime indicator for predictive maintenance
  • Two setpoint relays for process control
  • Analog output and RS-485 communications
  • USB interface for setup and diagnostics
  • Free software application to easily setup and monitor the module

Common configurations are listed on the "Configurations" tab below. Contact Customer Service for additional configurations.


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Part NumberFittingCommunicationRelaysAccuracyDisplayUnitsPriceQTY
500100-2S-R4E-MNW25KFRS-485/Analog2StandardNombarQuote Only
500100-2S-R4E-PNW25KFRS-485/Analog2StandardNoPascalQuote Only
500100-2S-R4E-TNW25KFRS-485/Analog2StandardNoTorrQuote Only
500100-2C-R4E-MNW25KFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)NombarQuote Only
500100-2C-R4E-PNW25KFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)NoPascalQuote Only
500100-2C-R4E-TNW25KFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)NoTorrQuote Only
500101-2S-R4E-MNW25KFRS-485/Analog2StandardYesmbarQuote Only
500101-2S-R4E-PNW25KFRS-485/Analog2StandardYesPascalQuote Only
500101-2S-R4E-TNW25KFRS-485/Analog2StandardYesTorrQuote Only
500101-2C-R4E-MNW25KFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)YesmbarQuote Only
500101-2C-R4E-PNW25KFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)YesPascalQuote Only
500101-2C-R4E-TNW25KFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)YesTorrQuote Only
500100-2S-R4K-MNW40KFRS-485/Analog2StandardNombarQuote Only
500100-2S-R4K-PNW40KFRS-485/Analog2StandardNoPascalQuote Only
500100-2S-R4K-TNW40KFRS-485/Analog2StandardNoTorrQuote Only
500100-2C-R4K-MNW40KFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)NombarQuote Only
500100-2C-R4K-PNW40KFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)NoPascalQuote Only
500100-2C-R4K-TNW40KFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)NoTorrQuote Only
500101-2S-R4K-MNW40KFRS-485/Analog2StandardYesmbarQuote Only
500101-2S-R4K-PNW40KFRS-485/Analog2StandardYesPascalQuote Only
500101-2S-R4K-TNW40KFRS-485/Analog2StandardYesTorrQuote Only
500101-2C-R4K-MNW40KFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)YesmbarQuote Only
500101-2C-R4K-PNW40KFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)YesPascalQuote Only
500101-2C-R4K-TNW40KFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)YesTorrQuote Only
500100-2S-R4G-M2 3/4" CFRS-485/Analog2StandardNombarQuote Only
500100-2S-R4G-P2 3/4" CFRS-485/Analog2StandardNoPascalQuote Only
500100-2S-R4G-T2 3/4" CFRS-485/Analog2StandardNoTorrQuote Only
500100-2C-R4G-M2 3/4" CFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)NombarQuote Only
500100-2C-R4G-P2 3/4" CFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)NoPascalQuote Only
500100-2C-R4G-T2 3/4" CFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)NoTorrQuote Only
500101-2S-R4G-M2 3/4" CFRS-485/Analog2StandardYesmbarQuote Only
500101-2S-R4G-P2 3/4" CFRS-485/Analog2StandardYesPascalQuote Only
500101-2S-R4G-T2 3/4" CFRS-485/Analog2StandardYesTorrQuote Only
500101-2C-R4G-M2 3/4" CFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)YesmbarQuote Only
500101-2C-R4G-P2 3/4" CFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)YesPascalQuote Only
500101-2C-R4G-T2 3/4" CFRS-485/Analog2High (Calibrated)YesTorrQuote Only

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