392 Micro-Ion® Plus
(1x10-9 Torr to Atmosphere) Modular Vacuum Gauge

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The MKS, Granville-Phillips® 392 Micro-Ion® Plus Vacuum Gauge Module is a second generation full range pressure measurement module that combines industry-standard Micro-Ion® ionization vacuum gauge technology with a miniature Pirani Conductron® heat-loss sensor to provide accurate, continuous pressure measurement from high vacuum to atmosphere.

The 392 Micro-Ion® Plus Vacuum Gauge Module combines Granville-Phillips® industry-standard and application-tested Micro-Ion® ionization vacuum sensor with an innovative miniature Pirani Conductron® vacuum sensor in a single gauge assembly with a compact electronics control module. The 392 Micro-Ion® Plus Vacuum Gauge Module compact modular design reduces the number of separate gauges, vacuum interfaces, cabling and control electronics that are typically required for full range pressure measurement. The full range pressure measurement is output as a single analog signal or is available through optional serial RS-485 or DeviceNet digital interfaces. Up to three optional set point relays are available, configured for process control with the ability to assign the relays at any pressure across a broad vacuum spectrum. The 392 Micro-Ion® Plus Vacuum Gauge Module is available with or without display, and can be configured with a wide variety of flanges.

Features & Benefits:

  • Continuous pressure measurement from high vacuum to atmosphere
  • Compact multi-sensor gauge design
  • Dual ionization gauge filaments that increase equipment uptime
  • RS-485 and DeviceNet have optional setpoint relays for process control

Common configurations are listed on the "Configurations" tab below. Contact Customer Service for additional configurations.


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Part NumberDescriptionFittingCommunicationRelaysDisplayUnitsPriceQTY
392401-0-YE-TModuleNW25KFAnalog0NoTorrQuote Only
392402-0-YE-TModuleNW25KFAnalog0YesTorrQuote Only
392501-0-YH-TModule1/2 inch VCR maleRS-4850NoTorrQuote Only
392501-0-YG-TModule2.75 inch ConflatRS-4850NoTorrQuote Only
392502-2-YG-TModule2.75 inch ConflatRS-4852YesTorrQuote Only
392601-2-YG-TModule2.75 inch ConflatDevicenet2NoTorrQuote Only
392602-3-YG-TModule2.75 inch ConflatDevicenet3YesTorrQuote Only
392100-YDReplacement GaugeNW16KFn/an/an/aQuote Only
392100-YEReplacement GaugeNW25KFn/an/an/aQuote Only
392100-YKReplacement GaugeNW40KFn/an/an/aQuote Only
392100-YHReplacement Gauge1/2 inch VCR malen/an/an/aQuote Only
392100-YFReplacement Gauge1.33 inch Conflatn/an/an/aQuote Only
392100-YGReplacement Gauge2.75 inch Conflatn/an/an/aQuote Only

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