Granville-Phillips® 385 Convectron® ATM Module

photo - MKS, Granville-Phillips 385 Convectron ATM Module

The Granville-Phillips® Convectron® ATM module is a vacuum gauge that combines a piezo-resistive diaphragm with a proven Convectron sensor to provide a continuous measurement from low vacuum to atmosphere as well as set point relay activation at a defined differential pressure from atmosphere.

This vacuum gauge module combines both the control electronics and combined sensor technologies in a compact design that is easy to install and operate. The Convectron ATM module eliminates the need for two sensors in applications, such as vacuum system loadlocks, that require low pressure measurement and an accurate indication of differential pressure at atmosphere.


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Part NumberDescriptionFittingCommunicationRelaysDisplayUnitsPriceQTY
385009-GD-TModuleNW16KFDevicenetNoTorrQuote Only
385007-GD-TModuleNW16KFDevicenetYesTorrQuote Only
385200-GDReplacement GaugeNW16KFn/an/an/an/aQuote Only
385200-GEReplacement GaugeNW25KFn/an/an/an/aQuote Only
385200-GKReplacement GaugeNW40KFn/an/an/an/aQuote Only
385200-GRReplacement Gauge1/2 inch VCR malen/an/an/an/aQuote Only
385200-GFReplacement Gauge1.33 inch Conflatn/an/an/an/aQuote Only
385200-GGReplacement Gauge2.75 inch Conflatn/an/an/an/aQuote Only

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