Granville-Phillips® 356 Micro-Ion® Plus Modules

photo - MKS, Granville-Phillips 356 Micro-Ion Plus Modules

The Granville-Phillips® line of modular gauges features a compact design and dramatically reduces installation costs. These gauges are ideal for applications where controller size and local control are critically important.

The 356 Micro-Ion Plus Vacuum Gauge Module combines the new miniature Conductron® Heat-Loss Sensor with proven Micro-Ion Gauge technology in the same vacuum envelope to extend pressure measurements from high vacuum to atmosphere. The Micro-Ion Plus design combines the control electronics and the gauge in a compact module that not only provides convenient high vacuum measurement, but is easy to interface to a control system.


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Part NumberDescriptionFittingCommunicationRelaysDisplayUnitsPriceQTY
356001-YE-TModule, Yttria FilamentNW25KFRS-4852NoTorrQuote Only
356002-YE-TModule, Yttria FilamentNW25KFRS-4852YesTorrQuote Only
356002-TN-TModule, Tungsten FilamentNW25KFLRS-4852YesTorrQuote Only
356004-YE-TModule, Yttria FilamentNW25KFDevicenet2NoTorrQuote Only
356005-YE-TModule, Yttria FilamentNW25KFDevicenet2YesTorrQuote Only
356005-YG-TModule, Yttria Filament2.75 inch ConflatDevicenet2YesTorrQuote Only
356006-YDReplacement Gauge, Yttria FilamentNW16KFn/an/an/aQuote Only
356006-YEReplacement Gauge, Yttria FilamentNW25KFn/an/an/aQuote Only
356006-YKReplacement Gauge, Yttria FilamentNW40KFn/an/an/aQuote Only
356006-YHReplacement Gauge, Yttria Filament1/2 inch VCR malen/an/an/aQuote Only
356006-YFReplacement Gauge, Yttria Filament1.33 inch Conflatn/an/an/aQuote Only
356006-YGReplacement Gauge, Yttria Filament2.75 inch Conflatn/an/an/aQuote Only
356006-YLReplacement Gauge, Yttria FilamentNW40KFLn/an/an/aQuote Only
356006-YMReplacement Gauge, Yttria FilamentNW16KFLn/an/an/aQuote Only
356006-YNReplacement Gauge, Yttria FilamentNW25KFLn/an/an/aQuote Only
356006-TNReplacement Gauge, Tungsten FilamentNW25KFLn/an/an/aQuote Only

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