FTIR-based Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) Integrator Kit

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The MGS300-KIT provides integrators with access to key components used in the MGS300, a Continuous Emissions Monitoring system (CEMS), which has achieved TÜV and MCERTS certification in accordance with requirements of the DIN EN 15267-3 standard.

The MGS300-KIT allows integrators to build MGS300 system performance and reliability into their own continuous emissions monitoring systems. The MGS300-KIT is comprised of the MultiGas 2030 CEM-Cert FTIR spectrometer, and the main components used in the MGS300 extractive sampling system, including the MGS300-SP sample probe, MGS300-EP eductor pump module and the MGS300-HL heated line assembly (CEMS Kit Component Diagram here).

Features & Benefits:

  • Kit components are integral to MGS300 TÜV and MCERTS certification
  • Modular kit design allows easy integration of critical MGS300 system components into CEMS
  • Addresses a wide range of gas components, with direct analysis of hot, wet sample streams
  • Extractive sampling system components operate at an elevated temperature to eliminate sample condensation
  • Selection of "wetted part" materials ensure sample integrity
  • Highly reliable kit components enable long-term continuous emissions monitoring with minimal maintenance


The MGS300 is a fully turn-key system designed to provide reliable monitoring of emissions from stationary sources, including municipal and industrial waste incinerators, power plants, cement kilns and other fixed location sources of emissions.


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