MultiTherm 1000 EtherCAT® Temperature Controller
for uniform, deterministic, rapid temperature control across multiple zones

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The MultiTherm 1000 temperature controller is the latest addition to the MKS control platform family. MultiTherm 1000 Controller provides an all-in-one solution for multi-zone temperature control.

Uniformity is a key process attribute in advanced temperature control applications. To maintain uniform temperature across multiple heated zones, the MultiTherm 1000 controller features 16 high precision , low drift inputs that accept most contact sensors (J/K thermocouple typical). It also includes 16 PWM highly repeatable outputs with built in SSRs for heaters requiring up to 2A per channel.

MultiTherm 1000 Temperature Controller is a fully conforming EtherCAT® slave device allowing for fast and seamless integration into an EtherCAT® based control network. EtherCAT® slave functionality, in conjunction with fast acting, configurable, built in PIDs, makes the controller suitable for rapid temperature control applications and for those requiring extreme stability around set point as well as for those requiring tight coordination between adjacent heated zones.

MultiTherm 1000 Temperature Controller is a compact, din rail mount package that does not require active cooling. In addition to the temperature control mechanism, MultiTherm-1000 features heater diagnostic , safety interlock chain, heater power routing with fusing and discrete indicators per zone. The heater diagnostic feature provides a means to identify heater failure or to alarm for deration which reduces the chance of costly process damage. The safety interlock chain enables integration of over-temp and EMO switches into the system. Power routing eliminates the need for additional hardware thus saving system real estate and reducing cost.

MultiTherm temperature controllers provide all the necessary means for highly uniform temperature control across multiple zones and excellent uniformity of heat distribution across combined area while preserving system costs and real estate.

Additionally, the MKS Controls Workbench (CWB) software application is provided with the MultiTherm 1000. The CWB software is a simple, customizable integrated solution for device configuration, process monitoring, data storage, system diagnostics, and auto-tuning. The MKS auto-tuning algorithms in the CWB have been proven to provide improved performance in temperature control compared to existing market solutions.

Features & Benefits:

  • 16 High precision (± 0.01% in the calibration range of temperature), extremely low drift (± 0.01C/C in the device operating range ) universal inputs for contact sensors, 16 PWM highly repeatable outputs (within 0.4% of full power) and 16 fast acting (20msec) PID comprise a complete tool kit for uniform temperature control across multiple heated areas.
  • EtherCAT® connectivity enables temperature control integration into fast and highly repeatable (down to tens of µsecs) control networks enabling both rapid and highly stable temperature control.
  • Hardware based safety interlocks for heater power allows integration of EMO, over-temperature switches/controllers into the control system.
  • Accepts AC power and provides all necessary power distribution including protection for up to 16 heater drivers 110/220VAC.
  • Built-in heater diagnostics aids preemptively identifying issues, minimizing costly system down time.
  • Quiet, compact, din rail mount enclosure does not require active cooling.
  • Discrete status indication for every circuit aids service & troubleshooting.


  • Semiconductors, Solar, and LED/MOCVD manufacturing tools
  • Furnaces and environmental chambers requiring multi-zone control
  • Plastic injection molding and extrusion systems
  • Medical, Biomed, & Life Sciences
  • Packaging, food & beverage processes

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