High Performance Pressure-insensitive, Multi-gas, Multi-range Mass Flow Controllers
for Flow Rates up to 50 slm

P9B Pressure-insensitive, Multi-gas/Multi-range Mass Flow Controller - click to enlarge
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The P9B pressure insensitive, multi-gas/multi-range mass flow controller features sub-750 millisecond control times and accuracy to within 1% of set point over a broad range of process gases, from "light" gases such as helium to "heavy" gases like SF6. P9B is a true multi-range/multi-gas MFC, minimizing MFC inventory requirements.

Using the P9B multi-gas/multi-range capability is made simple with embedded software and standard Ethernet interface that requires only a standard web browser and a PC. Critical gas parameters for most of the gases in use today by the semiconductor industry are already stored on the device - configuring is simply a matter of selecting the gas and specifying the range. The user interface also performs device monitoring & diagnostics during operation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast response to set point reduces stabilization time for short process steps
  • Tightly controlled flow accuracy improves chamber process matching
  • Insensitive to upstream and downstream pressure disturbances
  • Accurate flow control without additional pressure regulators
  • Multi-gas/multi-range capabilities reduces MFC inventory.
  • Embedded configuration & diagnostics software checks MFC functionality without removal from the tool
  • Use a standard web browser; no special software required


The P9B MFC is designed for critical process gas flow control where short process steps are required.