Ozone Sanitation Generators & Systems

photo - EO3 Ozone Sanitation Generator

EO3 Ozone Sanitation Generators & Systems provide 0.5-3 pounds per day of ozone for sanitization needs. Designed specifically for challenging environments such as food & beverage and biopharmaceutical industries, this cost-effective, high-quality ozone generator has been successfully used around the world for nearly 10 years.

EO3 Ozone Generators are compact, easy-to-use wall-mounted units.

EO3 Ozone Systems include the EO3 generator mounted on a ladder-back skid, integrated with an oxygen concentrator and air treatment system (EO3 System photo here).

Features & Benefits:

  • User-friendly & easy to implement
  • On-demand ozone generation at ambient temperatures lowers operating costs
  • Reduces cleaning frequency and length
  • Increases operator safety by eliminating chemical handling and hot steam sanitization


EO3 Ozone Sanitation Generators are effective in many biopharmaceutical and food & beverage applications, including:

  • Replacing chlorine dioxide with ozonated water for surface or container cleaning & sanitization
  • Disinfecting single or multiple bottling lines for bottled water and other beverages
  • Extending shelf life and reducing spoilage of fresh-cut produce by killing harmful bacteria such as E. Coli and Legionella
  • Treating pharmaceutical and medical product packaging to meet quality & regulatory standards
  • Increasing plant efficiency and cleanliness
  • Controlling biological growth in cooling towers and heat exchangers

For repairs to your current EO3 generator, contact MKS Repair and Calibration support by initiating a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) here.


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AX8801EO3 generator1 lb/dayQuote Only
AX8802EO3 generator2 lbs/dayQuote Only
AX8803EO3 generator3 lbs/dayQuote Only
AX8821EO3 skid-mounted system1 lb/dayQuote Only
AX8822EO3 skid-mounted system2 lbs/dayQuote Only
AX8823EO3 skid-mounted system3 lbs/dayQuote Only

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