DELTA II "Stretch Body" Flow Ratio Controller
Drop-in Replacement for the Original DELTA FRC

photo - DELTA II Stretch Body Flow Ratio Controller

DELTA II "Stretch Body" FRC has the same capabilities as the widely-used DELTA II, with significantly improved performance versus the original DELTA FRC. This "Stretched" version differs from the standard DELTA II only in its mechanical interface - it "fits" the space where older DELTA FRCs are used without tool plumbing changes. All DELTA FRCs share the same DeviceNet profile - no changes to host software are needed.

Features & Benefits:

  • Drop-in replacement for older DELTA FRCs - no changes to host tool hardware/software needed
  • Bright LED display for easy viewing of flow ratio, temperature and Ethernet address
  • Embedded Ethernet for device monitoring during operation
  • Uses standard web browser - no special software required.
  • Patented control algorithm for faster response-to-ratio set point
  • Wider dynamic control range for ratio control down to 5% of flow channel full Scale Flow
  • Normally open valves with higher conductance (lower pressure drop) vs. older versions

DELTA II Flow & Ratio Response:

DELTA II ratio controller maintains ratio while input flow is changed. - click to enlarge
DELTA II ratio controller maintains ratio while input flow is changed - click to zoom
DELTA II ratio controller dynamic ratio range - click to enlarge
System Flow and Configuration - click to zoom


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Part NumberFlow RatesReplaces Original DELTA FRCPriceQTY
DLT2A152163R210500/500 SCCM Full ScaleFRCA52163310
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DLT2A113163R2101000/1000 SCCM Full ScaleFRCA13163310
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DLT2A152163R2102000/2000 SCCM Full ScaleFRCA23163310
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