Parts/Accessories for HFV - High Flow, High Conductance Valves


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Part NumberDescriptionValve SizePriceQTY
100016279Complete Replacement SetNW160Quote Only
100016258BellowsNW160Quote Only
55-1691Heater with LTANW160Quote Only
100016253ActuatorNW160Quote Only
100016261NosepieceNW160Quote Only
100016225Limit Switch KitNW160Quote Only
100016382Service ToolNW160Quote Only
100016282Viton Seal SetNW160Quote Only
100016283Karez Seal SetNW160Quote Only
100016284Chemraz Seal SetNW160Quote Only
100016285Perlast Seal SetNW160Quote Only
100016280Complete Replacement SetNW200Quote Only
100016362BellowsNW200Quote Only
55-1693Heater with LTANW200Quote Only
100016358ActuatorNW200Quote Only
100016278NosepieceNW200Quote Only
100016225Limit Switch KitNW200Quote Only
100016383Service ToolNW200Quote Only
100016286Viton Seal SetNW200Quote Only
100016287Karez Seal SetNW200Quote Only
100016288Chemraz Seal SetNW200Quote Only
100016289Perlast Seal SetNW200Quote Only
100016281Complete Replacement SetNW250Quote Only
100016362BellowsNW250Quote Only
55-1695Heater with LTANW250Quote Only
100016358ActuatorNW250Quote Only
100016365NosepieceNW250Quote Only
100016225Limit Switch KitNW250Quote Only
100016384Service ToolNW250Quote Only
100016290Viton Seal SetNW250Quote Only
100016379Karez Seal SetNW250Quote Only
100016380Chemraz Seal SetNW250Quote Only
100016381Perlast Seal SetNW250Quote Only
100016252Solenoid - 12VDCallQuote Only
100016253Solenoid - 24VDCallQuote Only
100016254Solenoid - 24VACallQuote Only
100016255Solenoid - 120VACallQuote Only
100016256Solenoid - 240VACallQuote Only

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