R750C High-Pressure Baratron® Absolute Capacitance Transducer
(10 - 3000 PSIG) with Trip Relays

photo - R740C High-Pressure Baratron Gauge Capacitance Transducer with Trip Relays (20 - 3000 PSIG)

The R750C High-Pressure Baratron® Absolute Capacitance Transducer is a rugged, industrial-grade pressure and vacuum transducer with superior accuracy, repeatability, and long-term signal stability. It offers both a standard 0-10 VDC analog output signal and two (2) independently-adjusted electromechanical trip relays that can be used to switch external components such as pumps, valves, and other equipment. The electronics are mounted in a rugged stainless steel housing designed for heavy industrial use. The Type R750C is an absolute transducer (referenced to high vacuum), offering full-scale measurement from 10 Torr (13 mbar) to 3000 PSIA (204 bar).

Features & Benefits:

  • Self-contained sensor and signal conditioner in a compact and rugged enclosure.
  • All-welded Inconel® sensor resists corrosion.
  • Overpressure limit of two times Full Scale or 45 psia (whichever is greater) with no degradation in performance.


The R750C High-Pressure Baratron® Absolute Capacitance Transducer is designed for use in industrial, analytical, and electronic measurement applications. The products' flexible design allow it to be used either for new processing systems, or for retrofits into existing processing systems.

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Part NumberRangeFittingInputOutputAccuracyElectrical ConnectorPriceQTY
R750C13TCE2G1000 Torr8 VCR® female±15VDC ±5% @ 35mA/0-10VDC±1% of reading15-pin D-subminiatureQuote Only

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