ASTRON®hf+ AX7635 Remote Plasma Source
(rated to 22.0 slm NF3 flow)

photo - ASTRON hf+ AX7635 Remote Plasma Source

Higher flow (22 slm of NF3) - increased ignition range capability (1 to 6 slm of AR at 1 to 4 Torr)

The ASTRON®hf+ reactive gas generator is designed for increased flow capability and process flexibility. The ASTRON®hf+ reactive gas generator increases overall flow to 22 SLM of NF3 for decreased processing time and increased throughput.

Based on patented Low-Field-Toroidal plasma technology, the ASTRON®hf+ reactive gas generator provides a broader range of operating pressures while maintaining a high input gas dissociation rate. The high reliability, field-proven design architecture combines the power source, control module, and plasma chamber. The result is a compact, lid-mountable unit, which is easy to integrate.

Features & Benefits:

  • Increased flow reduces chamber clean time
  • Continuous operation (CW), not duty cycle limited, to support large chambers and/or long clean times Reactive Gas
  • Compatible with 200mm, 300mm, FPD, and Solar chambers
  • High dissociation rate over broad pressure range for more robust operation with chamber clean hardware


The primary application for the ASTRON®hf+ reactive gas generator is as a remote source for reactive gas to clean undesired deposits from interior walls of CVD, FPD, and Solar Panel process chambers where greater process flexibility is required. By generating atomic fluorine that reacts with waste deposits in the chamber, new gases are formed that are readily scrubbed to minimize the environmental impact. In addition, the remote source reduces wear and tear on the process chamber compared to in situ RF methods.