226A Baratron® Differential Capacitance Manometer
(0.2 - 1000 Torr) with ±15VDC or +24VDC Input Power and Multiple Output Signals

photo - 226A Baratron Differential Capacitance Manometer (0.2 - 1000 Torr) with +/-15VDC or +24VDC Input Power and Multiple Output Signals

The 226A Differential Baratron® is a general-purpose differential capacitance manometer available in full-scale measurement ranges from 0.2 to 1000 Torr and can be configured with a wide variety of fittings, input/output signals, and electrical connectors. It is mounted in a rugged industrial-grade housing that minimizes external RF/EM interference on the electronics and when properly configured, is completely "drop-in" compatible with earlier Baratron® differential manometers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully-welded Inconel® sensor resists corrosion
  • Pressure measurement is not affected by gas composition - no gas-specific correction factors are needed
  • Differential measurement ranges from 1000 to 0.2 Torr for accurate, repeatable measurement of very small pressure drops and flow rates
  • Four different analog output signals for unidirectional or bidirectional calibrations


The 226A Differential Baratron® is designed for applications in industry, electronics manufacturing, and analytical equipment. It can be used in a wide variety of processing systems, including: air and gas flow measurements for filters and analytical systems, downstream pressure control in thin film processing systems, and automated leak testing systems. Its rugged, industrial-grade design is suitable for use in applications with high levels of RF/EM interference.

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Part NumberFullScale RangeCalibrationFittingInput VoltageOutput SignalElectrical ConnectorPriceQTY
226A11TBBBBFB2A110 TorrBidirectional1/4" OD tubulation+/-15VDC0-10VDC9-pin D-subminiatureQuote Only
226A13TCDCDFB4T11000 TorrBidirectional4 female VCR+24-32VDC4-20 mATerminal Block AdaptorQuote Only
226A01TCBCBFU7A11 TorrUnidirectional4 male VCR+24VDC0-5VDC9-pin D-subminiatureQuote Only
226A21MGAGAFB1T120 mbarBidirectionalNW16-KF+/-15VDC0-1VDCTerminal Block AdaptorQuote Only
226A12KBGBGFU3T1100 kPaUnidirectional3/16" OD tubulation+/-15VDC0-5VDCTerminal Block AdaptorQuote Only

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