253B Exhaust Throttle Valve

photo - 253B Exhaust Throttle Valve

The MKS 253 Exhaust Throttle Valve regulates the removal of gas from a processing system. Its flapper is positioned to modulate gas flow, thereby controlling process pressure. The 253 has a patented non-linear actuator placed between the flapper shaft and the motor drive shaft in order to generate a linear valve transfer characteristic and provide smooth linear pressure control. The Type 253 is available in standard sizes and flange styles, and is compatible with all MKS throttle valve controllers. For additional flange styles and sizes, valve body heater, and fast motor options, contact MKS Applications Engineering.

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Part NumberNominal Inside Diameter in inches mmFlange SizeFlapper OringPriceQTY
253B-20-40-10.779 (20)ISO KF-40YesQuote Only
253B-20-40-20.779 (20)ISO KF-40NoQuote Only
253B-1-40-11.270 (32)ISO KF-40YesQuote Only
253B-1-40-21.270 (32)ISO KF-40NoQuote Only
253B-2-50-11.888 (48)ISO KF-50YesQuote Only
253B-2-50-22.000 (51)ISO KF-50NoQuote Only
253B-60-63-22.362 (60)ISO NW-63NoQuote Only
253B-3-80-23.000 (76)ISO NW-80NoQuote Only
253B-4-100-23.875 (98)ISO NW-100NoQuote Only

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