683B "Smart" Exhaust Throttle Valve with Integrated Controller for DeviceNet Networks

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The MKS 683 Intelligent Exhaust Throttle Valve is specifically designed for computer integrated applications where a simple pressure control system is desired. The 683B "Smart" Exhaust Throttle Valve integrates all control, communication, and driver circuits via a compact "add-on" electronics module onto an MKS 253 Throttle Valve assembly, thereby eliminating the need for mounting a separate pressure control electronics module. The second generation PID control algorithm can be tuned to drive the system to set point fast and with minimum overshoot, and ensures repeatable process recipes without operator involvement. The loop tuning parameters are completely adjustable to accommodate variations in system parameters.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to meet ODVA specifications assures seamless integration
  • Compact pressure control system integrating control, communication, and valve driver circuits within the throttle valve assembly
  • Two built-in alarm trip points with status indicators provide hard-wired safety interlocks, programmable for pressure, position, or set point limits
  • Configurable operating modes for pressure control (PID) and flapper position control
  • Digital data transmission provides immunity to system noise
  • Smart attributes provide monitoring and control of key setup and run time parameters
  • Unique linear valve transfer characteristics provides smooth linear pressure control
  • Available in popular ISO flange styles
  • Sealing sizes available up to 2" bores


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683B data sheet
683B pin-outs
683 EDS file

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